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Jadawoo Dyes

I started dyeing yarn in August 2020. There is no great pandemic story behind the start of my yarn dyeing business. The truth of the matter is that I love yarn! I love going to yarn stores and being inspired by all of the colorways. I love finding the perfect yarn and pairing the perfect pattern to go with it.

In March of 2020, I was able to enjoy the Rose City Yarn Crawl. I drug my husband with me to shop after shop, on the hunt for the perfect colorway. This was my 2nd time participating in the crawl, and I was ready this time. I had mapped out the order in which we would visit the shops, planned the trunk shows I wanted to visit, AND I had a colorway that I had dreamed up and just knew I would find. I just wanted a variegated red and black colorway.

Passport in hand, I traveled from yarn shop to yarn shop, in search of this magical colorway that I had dreamed up. I found beautiful buttons, notions, and yarns, but I never found a colorway that quite matched what I had envisioned. Far from disappointed, I went home with my yarn crawl treasures and cast on a shawl pattern that I had received during the crawl. I had purchased 3 colorways for this shawl during the crawl and was excited to work the pattern.

When it was time to add the 3rd color

(a purple), I wasn't happy with the way the three colors worked together. This shawl was a very special project for me and it was important to me that the finished project was amazing. I wasn't willing to settle on just any yarn, so I was back on the hunt, this time for a tonal in a shade that I had dreamed up. I found beautiful yarns and selected one that would work well for my shawl, but I never quite found the "perfect" shade.

I must have looked at over 100 different shades of purple, looking for the "perfect match". It was during this quest that I realized, there could never be to many options, to many colorways for makers to choose from. I decided then that I would start trying my hand a dyeing yarn.

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